Many threats face the young Dragon Empire and its Seven Cities:
The armies of the Orc Lord batter its borders; the machinations of the Three seek to dismantle it from within; the Lich King wishes to reclaim his throne with hordes of the undying; the Diabolist summons fiends to undoubtedly wicked purposes; the Prince of Shadows is elusive and chaotic, an equal-opportunity disruptive influence.

Many of these threats are old, hundreds or even thousands of years in the making… but what of the things that lurk in the darkness: beneath the stone roads of Axis; under the trees of the Wild Wood; beneath the court of the Elf Queen; deeper still than the caverns of the Dwarf King?

Those primordial evils that survived the turning of twelve ages, that even now rumble and quake with waking dreams?

There are ancient powers best left untouched, powers that those above would seek to turn to their own ends whether possessed of intent good or ill…

Indeed, what lurks from ages past?

The Price of Generosity

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