Adora Hightower

Jilted Lover


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 40

Adora is a beautiful, intelligent, and capable woman with a fiery temper.


Adora is the eldest daughter of Luther Hightower. She was brought up with an extensive formal education with an emphasis on good etiquette and business management, as both are valued highly for Axis’ noble families.

When she was 14 Tallendryl was hired to be a private tutor for her family. Instantly enchanted by his charm, she had an enormous crush on him for a year until the two began spending time together romantically. She was completely enchanted by his presence, and wished for nothing more than to marry him. Her heartbreak was thus all the more painful when she spotted him in the company of another woman one night, and could not bear the infidelity. She rushed home to her father and told him that Tallendryl had forced himself on her. Infuriated, Luther hired the Snake Eyes to kill the young man when he returned to their estate. They failed, and Tallendryl escaped the city alive.

Though years have passed since then, and Adora is now a fully grown woman, she still harbors the same hurt feelings, intense hatred, and intense love for the wizard.

In recent years more and more business responsibilities have been falling to her as her father’s health has been failing.

Adora Hightower

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