Geoffrey Tallerond-Ashe

Northern Agent of the Archmage


Race: Half Orc
Gender: Male

Geoffrey Tallerond-Ash is a servant of the Archmage who works with Rylan Mackinth to correspondence with the Archmage about the goings-on of the Frozen North. He was reported as missing to the party when they met Rylan in Tradestone Tavern. Rylan asked that they find him, (and his messages) as they traveled in those lands.

And although Rylan dismisses him as a brutish idiot, he is in truth a gentleman, a spy, and a skilled arcanist sworn to the city of Horizon and the Archmage.

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A proud and prestigious noble family, the Tallerond-Ashes were the target of scorn and derision for some time after Geoffrey’s birth; the boy was possessed of a fully orcish appearance, it brought disgrace and ruin on his family when his parents refused to give him up to save their name and social standing.

All appeared finally lost when he was thirteen- his family was preparing to be dispossessed of their property and positions, but then a sudden generous offer was presented from the Academy of the Archmage. The school would allow Geoffrey to train with the mages of Horizon. In lieu of payment for the education, his servitude to the Archmage for a period of ten years would be mandatory upon his graduation, but the Archmage himself was also offering to put his considerable influence behind the family’s restoration upon acceptance of the deal. Geoffrey, knowing what his parents were prepared to lose for him, accepted immediately.

After his exams were complete he was sent to the Frozen North near the Orc Lord’s lands to began working for the Archmage- because of his physical appearance he was able to blend in with the locals. There he was asked to glean useful information on important activity in the region and to relay his findings back to his superiors for the Archmage.

When he one day discovered a ruin covered under several feet of snow he came across an ancient record of a subterranean “Devourer” ending a long lost Age. He quickly found himself in over his head, however, when a group of demons took a like interest in those histories. Luckily, he was rescued by the party just as his wards began to fail him with the demons waiting to torture and kill him nearby. He agreed to accompany the heroes in order to bring these findings to his master.

He wound up embroiled in the battle at Scarsadle Fortress, and survived despite the fierce fighting. He left after the fortress was swallowed up by the Stone Thief, (ironically enough, as this was the very being he had read about when the party found him) to report the alarming news to the Archmage personally.

Geoffrey Tallerond-Ashe

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