Bone Gnasher

Ogre Bodyguard of Captain Skrugnok


Race: Ogre
Gender: Male

Bone Gnasher was the monstrous bodyguard of Captain Skrugnok. He had one exceptionally long arm and leg, making his gait and movements irregular and ponderous. He was exceptionally stupid, even by ogre standards.


Bone Gnasher was generally treated cruelly, though he did have a strong friendship in the goblin Lucky, who often accompanied Skrugnok’s personal retinue into battle.

When the party attacked Scarsdale Fortress Bone Gnasher lost one of his legs after Tallendryl caused a large brass emblem of the Empire to come crashing down from a watch tower. He and Skrugnok retreated into the war room, but all of the Red Flag died there in the ensuing battle.

Bone Gnasher

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