Captain Coster

Ex-Pirate Owner of the Old Fish Eye


Race: Human
Gender: Male

Captain Coster is a grizzled older man who has surprising charisma. Despite his off-putting appearance, he is relatively warm and a good judge of character.

He has an eye patch which covers his fish eye- the eye which he named his tavern after.


Captain Coster used to command a pirate ship named the Briney Blue. One day while sailing near Barbados Island the ship encountered the legendary Barbados Dragon- a dragon which can fly both above and below the water. The beast destroyed the ship, and the surviving crew was washed ashore an unknown island in the area.

After getting their bearings, the crew of the Briney Blue discovered an indigenous tribe of jackal people adorned with all manner of gold who worshiped a large dark idol of a forgotten god. The crew got to work on building a new ship to escape the island, and in the meantime hatched a plan to steal the idol before fleeing. The pirates managed to do so, and burn down the village and make off with the idol in the confusion, and set sail for Axis.

Once there, the men found that while the idol magically attracted riches, it also bore a terrible curse which transformed many of their body parts into fish anatomy, including Coster’s eye.

Captain Coster

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