Captain Skrugnok

Orc Captain of the Red Flag Army


Race: Orc
Gender: Male

Skrugnok was an orc with an eye patch with an exceptionally long decorative spike, an ill-fitting chain shirt which exposed his belly, a flamboyant pirate-style hat, and spoke with a lisp.


Skrugnok was entrusted with commanding the garrison of the Red Flag Army left at Scarsdale Fortress by General Ghuul. His bodyguard and primary means of traveling around was his servant Bone Gnasher. He was fearful of magic, and was superstitious- crediting a number of his victories to Lucky, a member of his personal retinue.

The party infiltrated Scarsdale and took out most of his garrison, forcing him to retreat into the war room with a few of his best remaining men. They were all killed in an ensuing battle there.

Captain Skrugnok

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