Berserking Elf Avenger of the Forest Temple


Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 160 lbs
Age: 74

Dendrakor is able-bodied, especially for an elf, but is also far more martially-minded. Serious and pragmatic, he has deep wells of pent up rage that he can tap to gain strength in battle.


Never drawn to study, Dendrakor was different from his peers growing up. Though reasonably bright, he was drawn to matters of battle. The struggle between the agents of good and evil arrested his interest. He became an initiate in the Queen’s Guard, and was trained to be a fighting man. In his spare time he would listen to elders talk about the religious beliefs of men and was fascinated- though his own kin found religion to be boorish, he found the ideas, (or the ideas he could understand) to be admirable.

His fellows, becoming aware of his different beliefs, encouraged him to transfer out of the Queen’s Guard and into the small detachment reserved for the Forest Temple, one of the very few elvish places of worship. While technically under the Queen’s Court, most elves see it as a symbol of human ideas polluting elvish culture, and sneer at any who attend its services or speak there. This move was seen as a win-win, as Dendrakor could be closer to his interests, and his coworkers in the Queen’s Guard would not have to work with a deviant whose presence was a disgrace.

Dendrakor found solace in his new appointment, and enjoyed his time learning about the gods and practicing swordsmanship in solitude. One day, however, a demonic throng attacked the Forest Temple. The small guard did its best, but in the end most were killed and the temple was destroyed in hellfire. Though he survived, Dendrakor was scarred by the raking claws of the cackling demons.

Consumed with hatred for the evil he had faced, his life became dedicated to furthering the agenda of the Priestess and the gods, and to thwart the evil chaos wherever it emerged. He would have his revenge on the Diabolist herself if he could…


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