Lizardman Follower


Race: Lizardman
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 10’’
Weight: 100 lbs
Age: 2

Drakkablak is intelligent, though young. He is able to understand the basics of magical rituals, is literate, learned bits of common with relative ease, can negotiate business transactions, and can navigate human society deftly. He, like all lizardmen, is fond of insects and fine leathers.


Drakkablak has a background in fashion and interior decoration due to his service with his village’s royal family. He worshipped Kronassa, a blue dragon in the service of the Three- he attacked Boltstrike Pillar along with a number of his kinsmen. His role was to perform a ritual in tower for unknown reasons. He was knocked off a high distance when his comrade’s concentration was disrupted and magical energy arced out of control. When he awoke all of his allies were dead. Instead of attempting to run he resigned himself to death. Tallendryl, however, took pity on him, and allowed him to live if he swore to serve him. Drakkablak agreed, and became a member of the adventuring party.

He returned briefly to his home village after the party purchased some hellbugs in Krovan’s Gate, which allowed him to tell his clan what had transpired at Boltstrike. As his life was spared, the royal elder queen advised him to honor the life debt he now had to the men who spared him despite being from another race. He then traded the hellbugs for some of the finest insects the village had along with a large chameleon-like beast of burden named Fly-catcher. He bid his family farewell, and returned to his new companions.

After the death of Graham, the party was given the deed to his house. Once Delia and Ulbrecht went their own ways Tallendryl was the sole beneficiary, and left Drakkablak in charge of minding the house when he was out traveling- and when the Giant’s Flagon burned down he became charged with renovating and redecorating the house to become the new tavern of Dunbarrow- the Peach Pit.

He is quite smitten with Lady Kaira.


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