Edwards Cervesa

Spice Dealer of Krovan's Gate


Race: Human
Gender: Male

Edwards Cervesa is a member of Krovan’s Gate’s seedy underbelly. He deals in illegal items and services with a front of dealing solely in rare spices and herbs. Armand has known him for some time.


The party traded him some of the dried bugs Drakkablak obtained for some gold and black spice. He also enjoyed a night of crazy hedonism with Armand and Tallendryl before the party left Krovan’s Gate for Dunbarrow.

He was sought out by the party after their return from the battle of Scarsdale to try and sell five golden men. He turned up missing the next morning, having been apprehended by some members of the Red Rock tribe. He was rescued by the party, but then all were promptly swallowed up by the Stone Thief.

He was seen afterward- an apparent survivor of the dungeon’s attack and regurgitation in Axis’ Black Garden.

Edwards Cervesa

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