Hugh Badaxe

Berserking Half Orc Ex-Gladiator


Race: Half Orc
Gender: Male

Hugh Badaxe speaks with an accent, hates bullies, and hates orcs. He is also adept at making igloos.


Hugh’s orc mother raped his human father. His mother abandoned his father with him as a baby.

His tribe was slaughtered by Fangrot, an orc warlord, while he was out gathering vegetables for his father. When he returned everyone he ever knew was dead. Only the name of the orc that had perpetrated the deed and a receding rumbling in the ground was left.

The High Druid’s followers took Hugh in and cared for him after he was orphaned, which fostered his love of nature and animals.

Hugh later was captured and forced to be a gladiator in Axis, where he learned to fight for his life, and then became a criminal enforcer- threatening people with violence if they did not pay their debts or do what his crime lord wanted.

Later on he would join up with the party at the request of the High Druid to investigate Boltstrike Pillar.

After adventuring with the party for some time he died in the Stone Thief at the hands of the Butcher while intercepting an attack that would have killed Weiss.

Hugh Badaxe

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