Jeb the Jabberer

Floating Skull


Race: Undead (human?)
Gender: Male

Jeb the Jabberer is a floating skull wreathed in otherworldly green light.


The party first encountered Jeb when searching for Parvo at the newly emerged living dungeon. Little is known about Jeb aside from the fact that he is amused by the party’s motivations, speaks in rhyme, and above all, enjoys secrets. His policy is not to answer any questions except in exchange for a secret, lie, or gold.

The party told Jeb a large number of secrets when they met him. That may not have been very smart.

Jeb later reappeared when Hugh Badaxe won a lot of Crusader loot in a game of chance while traveling to Tradestone Tavern. Jeb was, however, not himself. Instead of talking of his own volition he could only respond with very shallow, simple facts. He now wears a crown of thin gold leaf which is magically sealed to his head with runes inscribed reading “king of fools.” An ettercap appeared one night in search of him, it seems.

After Hugh’s death Tallendryl has been keeping him.

Jeb the Jabberer

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