Lily Vanlief

Daughter of the Vanliefs


Race: Human
Gender: Female

Lily is a beautiful, refined, elegant young lady who is a member of the esteemed and wealthy Vanlief family.


Lily has been brought up in the lap of luxury in one of the most brutal places in the Dragon Empire- Axis. She was sent to finishing school to learn the proper manners of a socialite, and has been learning the ins and outs of the intricate house dynamics and competition in Axis ever since.

Lily was attending a lavish party thrown on the eve of the Festival of Spears’ main event in one of her cousins’ estates when Tallendryl crashed the occasion. He approached her and seduced her to the horror of the many gladiators who were vying for her attention, but his magical charm was too much for her to resist, and the two shared a night of passion. She never saw him since.

Lily Vanlief

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