Sister Catherine

Temple Attendant of the Priestess in Dunbarrow


Race: Human
Gender: Female

Sister Catherine appears to be an older woman, and rans Dunbarrow’s temple to the Priestess. She used to be very beautiful before aging unnaturally quickly. She does her best to look out for threats to the lives of her family and neighbors. She was wary of Graham and assisted the party in foiling his plans and killing him by summoning demons.


At some point in Catherine’s early life she was “taken” from Dunbarrow. When she returned she found the behavior and practices of her neighbors confusing and frightening, as they appeared to be under the influence of Graham. She resolved to stop Graham, and decided to appeal to the Diabolist for demonic intervention. The Diabolist agreed to send her a small company of demons in exchange for her beauty, youth, and health. She agreed, and returned to her home town posing as an envoy of the Priestess.

She came into possession of the Staff of Gifts, a demonic artifact of great power, but drew the unwanted attention of the Prince of Shadows. She stole a large amount of gold from the Peach Pit in order to try and destroy the staff with the dragons of Axis, but the party reached her before she was able to accomplish this.

After taking the staff the heroes defended against an attack from Father Coleway and his men. She fled from the scene during the skirmish.

Sister Catherine

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