The Architect

Crafter of the Stone Thief


The Architect is another elemental brother, like the Doorkeeper and the Butcher. He has an air of superiority and importance despite the fact that he is only in charge of mindless beings created by the Stone Thief.

He commands a large number of block heads to scavenge usable debris of newly-swallowed buildings in the Gizzard. With their labor he sorts and arranges them into new rooms for the dungeon. He also has command over the dungeon-born orcs.


The party encountered him in their pursuit of the stolen golden men. He proposed a bargain for their release- the party mark a building normally protected by magical seals to allow the Stone Thief to sense its location and devour it for the treasure. The heroes opted instead to attack him and his lackeys. They left him powerless and mercifully spared him before leaving the dungeon.

The Architect

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