Thorgrim Grimspittle

Ex-Leader of the Iron Tooth Orc Feasters, Brewer of the Peach Pit


Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male

Thorgrim looks sickly- his beard is stringy and patchy, his eyes are milky, and he is missing some teeth. He has a twisted sense of humor and can be a bit rough around the edges, and his penchant for eating orc flesh makes him uncomfortable for many to associate with, but has a good heart.


Thorgrim Grimspittle was once the captain of the guard in Ironvale, until the Red Flag Army overwhelmed the outpost, and he, along with a number of his brethren were forced to flee the siege.

As he and his men fought their way out they soon realized that they would starve to death alone in the wilderness of the Frozen North, and so they were forced to eat the orcs they had defeated. Demoralized, many of his men bemoaned surviving, and there was talk of starving instead of resorting to orc meat. Thorgim, however, rallied them to live on in the name of revenge, and swore that as long as he lived he’d make every orc in the world rue the fact that he had to eat their corpses to survive by hunting and eating as many of them as he could. His men were heartened by this, and agreed to join him in his quest and formed the group now known as the Iron Tooth Orc Feasters.

Once they began their crusade, however, the group found that they were in need of supplies and resources which no longer could be had in the Frozen North, and opted to return to Forge. Thorgrim, grateful to the party, decided to help in brewing ale for the Peach Pit, which, given the abundance of peaches, he has used to create what he dubbed Schnappy Peach.

Thorgrim Grimspittle

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