Half Ogre Mama's Boy


Race: Half Ogre
Gender: Male

Toll is half ogre and half-half orc. He is dimwitted, but devoted to those he considers close friends and family… particularly his beloved mama.


Toll was found by the party in Scarsdale Fortress’s dungeon. He was imprisoned for trying to protect his mother from alleged tax evasion. He is extremely large and strong, as he is half orc and half ogre. He has fanatical devotion to his mother- any negative talk about which sends him into a rage. He also likes “pretty ladies,” such as Lan’lei.

He would find his way to Dunbarrow along with Thorgrim and his Mama after the Battle of Scarsdale. Once there, he began working at the Peach Pit as a bouncer without ever actually being hired by Wiggledorf. He collects what he calls the “Toll toll.”


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