Verlin the vampire

Deluded "Vampire" Miner of Dunbarrow


Race: Human
Gender: Male

Verlin is a broken man. He has gone mad after spending too much time alone in the dark pits of the Stone Thief after he was swallowed up by the beast in Dunbarrow. Malnurished, his appearance is ghastly- his teeth are narrowed and broken, his gums have receded, his hair is long and scraggly, and his skin is bleached white from lack of sunlight. He is also extremely committed to the delusion that he has become a vampire, and acts in the over-exaggerated manner he imagines them to act, hissing and talking with dramatic flair.


Verlin was originally a miner who lived in Dunbarrow. One day while mining he discovered an odd stone-like egg. The Stone Thief attacked, and he was consumed by it. Though he lived, he found himself in pitch darkness and alone amidst the bodies of his friends, and without any provisions. To survive he was forced to cannibalize the dead, which was too much for his sanity to bear- he lost his mind and concluded that given his new lifestyle he must now be a vampire.

When the party crossed his path he warned them to stay away because of how dangerous he is. Realizing that he was not really a vampire, but could not be persuaded of this, Tallendryl humored the delusion and offered Verlin rations which he claimed to be “undead bread,” which can sate the hunger vampires have for blood. This was enough to win Verlin’s trust, and he agreed to join the party in their quest to retrieve their lost treasure and then to escape the living dungeon.

Lan’Lei eventually gained enough of his trust for him to surrender the egg to her keeping.

After escaping the Stone Thief he accompanied the party back to Dunbarrow, where he was given room and board in the Peach Pit, since Thorgrim already was in the basement eating orc corpses, the two were assumed to have a few things in common.

Verlin the vampire

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