Zolick the Game Master


Race: Gnome? Halfling?
Gender: Male

Zolick’s face is severely scarred from some kind of burn. Because of this and his stature, he must either be a gnome or a halfling, though few know for sure. Hyper and with a shallow showy kind of charisma which masks his boundless greed, Zolick has few close friends. He prizes monetary wealth above all, and is willing to do what he can to obtain it. He runs a casino of sorts in Axis’ Black Garden.


It is said that Zolick once belonged to an adventuring party which came across an iridescent gem in a living dungeon. In his lust for the stone, he intentionally sprung a death trap on his fellow adventurers. He was severely burned in the acidic mechanism, which caused his face to permanently become disfigured. He was indeed the only survivor, however, and then managed to make his way back to Axis with the loot and had it fitted on top of his prized heirloom cane.

Tallendryl challenged Zolick for the prized cane, the so-called Eye of Zolick and Zolick agreed if Tallendryl consented to put his staff up against him in a quick game of high-stakes chance. The wizard agreed, and won. Zolick was infuriated, and tried to go back on their deal, but his patrons had been watching and were becoming upset at this, so the Game Master had no choice but to relinquish his cane. He swore, however, to stop at nothing to get it back.

Zolick the Game Master

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