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Session 1
Investigating Boltstrike Pillar

The party was assembled by their icons, (the High Druid or the Archmage) to investigate increased goblin activity in the area of Boltstrike Pillar. As a seal, it should repel evil activity in its vicinity, yet goblins indeed were in the area, as the party was attacked by a small number of them which were in league with the Diabolist.

When the party arrived at the tower itself they were greeted by a number of wild beasts and elves, all working for the High Druid in defense of Boltstrike. Torrent and Sun were the administrators of the tower, and asked the group to investigate a disturbance in the forest a few hours’ travel away.

The party found more goblins where they were expected, and dealt with them quickly. A tree which acts as a communication point for the High Druid had been defaced and corrupted by the goblins with some kind of demonic ritual magic. The tree was cleansed, but as they group began to return to the tower they witnessed Kronassa the blue dragon partially destroy the pillar, though she was badly wounded by a sudden lightning bolt.

The party returned to find all of the guardians dead. Only the one-winged dragon and a company of lizardmen were there, along with a captured Torrent. A fight with the dragon ensued, and soon she and many lizardmen were also dead.

Ascending the tower’s ruin, it became apparent that something more was going on. Sun and a few remaining lizardmen were busy conducting a ritual for some unknown reason under the direction of the Three. Another struggle ensued, culminating in Sun revealing his corrupted demonic form, but it was not enough to ward off the party, who emerged victorious. The lone survivor of this fight, a lizardman named Drakkablak, was taken prisoner by Tallendryl, and made another member of the group.

Torrent remained alone in Boltstrike Pillar to tend to the ruin while the party decided to report the incident to their icons in a nearby trading town, Krovan’s Gate.

Session 2
The Mysterious New Fungus

As the group traveled Hugh Badaxe did some hunting and cooked dinner for the group. Tallendryl contracted food poisoning from the stew, and was ambushed by a group of goblins wearing little sets of jester outfits while being sick in the forest, (they may have been drawn by the smell- a preferred building material for goblin dens). They were dispatched, and the name Renville T. Pilliwiger was found on their clothing. Belfast the ranger was also first encountered, and he became infatuated with Delia. The trees claimed the two were fated.

Once in Krovan’s Gate, the party met many odd individuals- Harn the dwarf who was involved in a trade dispute with some Crusaders over halfling ale, Dunstan Woodman, who purchased a piece of Boltstrike Pillar recovered by Ulbrecht, and a halfling from whom they purchased three hellbugs, (Drakkablak was sent back to his home to exchange these for a profit).

The party was then charged with the investigation of an odd new life form in the area. This was soon discovered, as a pair of mushroom men attempted to set up a cart in the town square. After a misunderstanding, the village was convinced not to kill them on sight, but they were burned with a healing potion that was gifted to them. They fled and the party followed.

They were tracked heading toward an abandoned dwarvsih mine, but along the way the party encountered a traveling goblin circus owned and operated by a tiefling named Talenda. Ulbrecht noticed a man in a cage nearby, and decided that he needed to fight her immediately, while Talendryl watched, and Delia sneaked around to free him. It was eventually determined that the man was Sevren Trask, an enforcer for the Archmage, and he was captured by Talenda when he tried to collect a tax for use of magic within the Dragon Empire. A deal was struck, for the debt to be paid in exchange for a pardon, and everyone parted ways amicably.

The party continued on, and reached the old mine which had become completely overgrown by all manner of fungi. Many different types of mushrooms and lichen were found here, and a few samples were taken, (and one semi-sentient prisoner) before the party was forced into the mine by some form of fungal sentries.

After going into the mine the group found that there was a small cache of elvish coins along with a contract of some kind referencing “the Empress.” As these items were being investigated, (and several mushrooms had been eaten by Ulbrecht) a drow spider-rider appeared, and conducted Delia to a drow outpost. He was confronted and killed along the way, but the party sojourned on to find that this outpost was a small colony of drow and mushroom men intermingling.

Ulbrecht suddenly attacked the drow by himself. Meanwhile, a man was found bound and gagged while a few drow beat him. Tallendryl and Delia untied him, (who introduced himself as Armand) but the alarm was sounded. Many drow converged on Ulbrecht, and it appeared that all was lost for the party until one of the larger mushrooms resembling a tree or small building suddenly sprouted a mouth and became infused with demonic energy, and began devouring many drow. In the confusion the party escaped back to Krovan’s Gate.

The sample and captive mushrooms were traded to Hephaestus the Croaker, and the information on the happenings was reported to Caldon.

Session 3
The Search for Parvo

After meeting Armand, it was revealed that he was looking for Tallendryl on the advice of Parvo Cromwell. A letter arrived in Krovan’s Gate asking for Tallendryl and Armand to come to him. The decision was made for the party to meet Parvo in Dunbarrow. Before leaving, however, Drakkablak was waiting for the group in Krovan’s Gate with Fly-catcher, and a large amount of dried insects. The insects were traded to Edwards Cervesa, and a night of partying was had with a Crusader named Talula in the Gilded Lily, and the party departed in the morning.

Along the way the party discovered the grave of Glowron Starhands when Drakkablak got his hand stuck in a termite mound. They also encountered the Slug Burglar.

When they arrived in Dunbarrow, the party looked for Parvo in the Giant’s Flagon, the village’s hub for travelers, but found that he was missing for a few days. After looking around town for him, it was discovered that Oscar, a local boy, had seen something scary in the forest around the time of Parvo’s disappearance. The group stayed the night, and Tallendryl became a local legend for downing three Giant’s Flagons.

When the party investigated the forest the next morning they found a living dungeon with a strange being calling himself Jeb the Jabberer inside. They endured a number of hazards there- a pitfall trap with skeletons and a ghoul at the bottom, a hall of paintings resulting in a fight with a small army of goblins, an unnervingly uneventful room with a bottomless well, a kobold play resulting in a fight with a tiny doppelganger and a stirring performance, and finally the heart of the dungeon. When the heart was destroyed the edifice crumbled and the party escaped, albeit without any rumor of Parvo.

They returned to Dunbarrow and began looking for more clues. The next step is following up with Graham, the town elder, despite being warned about him by Sister Catherine.

Session 4
What Burrows Beneath Dunbarrow?

Tallendryl, Delia, and Ulbrecht visited Graham next, who was expecting them, as he kept close tabs on the goings-on of Dunbarrow. He claimed to know nothing about Parvo’s whereabouts, but was quick to point the blame for his disappearance at Sister Catherine. He said that she was a witch, and tried to convince the party to return to her temple to investigate her further.

Instead, each party member pursued a separate avenue. Tallendryl decided to try asking Gorn the hunter if he knew anything about Parvo’s disappearance, (which he did not). Delia thought she would try communing with a dryad who happened to live in the meriff’s peach orchard. The dryad offered little advice on where to find Parvo, but noted that the townsfolk often meet in a nearby underground tunnel.

Ulbrecht returned to the temple. He feigned prayer, and sneaked into Catherine’s back room while she did some chores. He searched her living quarters, and discovered a secret staircase leading to a chamber dedicated to demonic rituals along with an imp in a cage. He stole a book off the central altar, dove out the window, and quickly returned to town. Ulbrecht visited Graham again, and delivered proof to him that Catherine was indeed practicing dark arts in the form of her summoning tome.

The three reconvened and began arguing about who was the most likely suspect when a small troop of demons suddenly appeared and attacked. After a struggle the demons were defeated, and all the town had gathered to watch the spectacle, including Graham, who emerged from his home holding the demonic book. Tallendryl seized the book for himself before Graham could react. Though Ulbrecht wished to raise a mob to help deal with the attack by Catherine, Tallendryl calmed everyone down and convinced the townsfolk to return home.

The party then proceeded to the temple once more. This time the outside had been boarded up and the secret entrance magically sealed, though a quick punch and Knock respectively dealt with the barriers swiftly. Tallendryl and Ulbrecht continued downstairs while Delia defended the escape route from attacking zombies. The two confronted Catherine, and with her treasured book as leverage, got the whole story. She told them all about how and why she was using demons, but explained that she was simply desperate to free her friends and family from Graham’s control, and was willing to resort to selling her own youth and health to do so. Finally finding an account that made sense, the part returned her book and enlisted her help in squaring off with Graham.

She summoned her remaining demons and the party assembled their friends who’d remained in town, (Grognok, Hugh Badaxe, [tied up in a papoose?] Fly-catcher, and Drakkablak). Once assembled, the new party stormed Graham’s house, which was empty, with the exception of Parvo, who was discovered tied up in the basement. He was revitalized and then joined the hunt for Graham, which now had a sense of justice about it for Parvo’s disappearance, as well.

A hole going deep into the earth was next to Parvo’s holding area, so Ulbrecht decided to take its mysterious depth as a test of his strength, and crawled down it by himself while the rest of the group followed Parvo’s lead to the entrance of a cave system. It turned out that the two paths reconnected in a tunnel some way down the cave system. As the party continued inward and downward they were ambushed by a group of ravenous giant burrowing insects which very nearly killed the whole lot of adventurers. They were repelled, however, and the party struck onward toward an ever-increasing drone of chanting.

The tunnel ended in a large chamber which was filled with everyone in town in a trance-like state, Graham at the front, delivering a mad sermon. Ulbrecht wasted no time and attacked as quickly and furiously as possible. A battle ensued, and in the end Graham fell. Suddenly after his death the cave began to shake violently. The townsfolk left quickly, and the remaining party members witnessed a titanic monstrous tendril of a living dungeon swallow him whole, leaving a tunnel from whence it came and where it left for in its wake. Parvo marveled that it was the legendary Stone Thief.

After everyone returned to Dunbarrow and were thoroughly thanked by the populace, they were rewarded with the deed to Graham’s house, and took a well-deserved rest.

Session 5
The Orc Lord's Threat

Some time passed after the events of Adventure 4. Delia spent her time hanging out with the dryad of the peach orchard in Nigel Crumb’s yard, Tallendryl began converting Graham House into the Peach Pit after a mysterious fire at the Giant’s Flagon, and Ulbrecht von Osten left the party to go in search of new challenges. Weiss Kremler arrived in town to investigate the fire which claimed the Giant’s Flagon just as Tallendryl and Hugh Badaxe were approached by Bill, dressed in his militia gear. He reported that a number of orcs were on the outskirts of Dunbarrow and were looking for the party specifically- they had letters with detailed threats to each of the party members from the Orc Lord himself. In exchange for not following through with his threats the Orc Lord demanded that the party go and stomp out a renegade orc- General Ghuul.

With that, the party assembled and began making its way to the far away reaches of the Frozen North, where the orc lands lay. Along the way they encountered Jeb the Jabberer after Hugh won him as a portion of some Crusaders’ loot from a hell hole in a game of chance. The party also encountered a windy frozen valley with around 40 frozen men near a mysterious cave, but decided to press on past it rather than risk entering.

On their way north the road became more and more desolate until they reached Tradestone Tavern, a lone roadside tavern and inn, and final point of interest before going across Troll Bridge into the far reaches of the snowy north lands. Here Hugh tested his mettle against an orc warrior, Oogbook, and the party learned of a problem at Troll Bridge- Gongo the troll had stopped allowing travel north. The party agreed to investigate this development as they traveled northward. Tallendryl also learned of a lost agent of the Archmage’s- a half orc named Ashe with important correspondence in his possession which was supposed to be delivered to Rylan Mackinth in Tradestone Tavern.

The party continued their trek to Troll Bridge, where Gongo verified that he was no longer allowing passage into the north because of the threat of the Red Flag Army. It came to blows, and Gongo surrendered after being quickly subdued. After the clash he agreed to resume passage as normal.

Once beyond the bridge the party’s pace slowed considerably due to the harsh climate and constant encounters with bands of orcs. Notably, one night during a particularly bad snow storm the party took refuge in an abandoned farm house and an ettercap appeared in apparent search of Jeb. Delia and Weiss quickly slew the creature, but no further information was discovered.

The next day the party stumbled across the vast Red Flag Army spread out in formation, and on the march for an apparent action. At the same time a scout group of orcs and giant wolves happened upon them and a battle was on. After a hard-fought victory a large orc exhausted with fatigue dropped dead from his exertion- in his hands was a letter to the party from the Orc Lord instruction them to continue on to the dwarvish mining outpost of Ironvale, as the Red Flag Army was preparing to plunder it- to draw out Ghuul the Orc Lord instructed them to leave a trail of Red Flag soldiers’ bodies leading to the captured Scarsdale Fortress as a challenge…

Session 6
Ironvale's Invaders

After Delia mysteriously disappeared the party ventured onward to Ironvale. As they made their way they were caught for a few days in an avalanche. They dug out and next encountered a group of strangely haggard and savage dwarves who called themselves the Iron Tooth Orc Feasters led by Thorgrim Grimspittle. These dwarves were apparent refugees of Ironvale- forced to eat the orcs they slaughtered to escape the burning outpost to survive. They did not look kindly upon Hugh, and thought to eat him, too, but fortunately Weiss intervened and persuaded them not to.

The two groups parted ways amicably, and the party came upon the ruins of Ironvale. It was too late to save. Tallendryl, Hugh, and Weiss made their way into the dwarf outpost, and slew a number of orcs who had made a crude camp in an outer street corner. Afterward Tallendryl transformed himself into a slain orc’s visage and convinced a lone invader to come along for some secret food. The orc was captured and interrogated by the rest of the party. They learned that Ironvale was secured for its food stores, and that the Red Flag Army’s proper force would be coming soon to avail itself of the food here. They also learned that no dwarves were taken prisoner- all were slaughtered. Hugh also demanded information on and orc named Fangrot, though the orc knew only that Fangrot was not to be trifled with. The captive was summarily executed by Hugh at this, and they resolved to try to poison the horded food to hamper the Red Flag as much as possible.

The party located the food supply and successfully added an extract of death root, which had been found nearby by Weiss, but as they turned to leave the storehouse they found themselves face to face with over 20 garrisoned orc soldiers. A huge battle took place after this, though the three proved to be the victors, as nearly all of the Red Flag assailants were killed, (with a few remaining they were severely demoralized by the superhuman feats they witnessed and the intimidating threats issued as their fellow soldiers were slaughtered).

With the remaining time they had before the army was expected to arrive the party rested up, buried whatever dwarvish remains could be found, and restored a defiled shrine to Helga, (a dwarvish goddess of drinking and ale). They then followed the Orc Lord’s instructions and left a trail of body parts leading toward Scarsdale Fortress to insight Ghuul to personally challenge combat, and indeed the army seemed to be following the trail… The party awaits the showdown to come just as a new friendly face arrives in the form of a half elf named Lan’Lei.

Session 7
The Advance of the Red Flag

The party continued ahead toward Scarsdale Fortress with the Red Flag Army in pursuit when they encountered a pair of remorazes. Opting to avoid the giant snow storm-producing insects, they found themselves in dire conditions, and all were quite unprepared for this kind of survival condition. Freezing constantly, they faced constant blizzard conditions, loss of food from scavenging wild animals, and icy chasm passes.

When a large tunnel into solid ice presented itself during a particularly persistent snow storm, the party reluctantly opted to seek its refuge despite surmising that it was likely created by the remorazes. Inside they found no remoraze, but instead a number of demons sieging a lone half orc in a deteriorating magical circle of protection all occurring just outside an ancient buried temple of the Great Gold Wyrm. The party sprung upon the demons, about a dozen in number, and dispatched them in no time at all. After their threat was ended they found that the orc was the missing Archmage’s operative Ashe. He informed the party that he was attacked by the demons after discovering the temple, and agreed to join the group until he could safely deliver his notes to Sevren Trask. They rested there until the storm passed, (while Weiss and Lan’Lei received patron gifts from the Great Gold Wyrm) and then continued on to keep ahead of the Red Flag.

Nearing Scarsdale, the next leg of the journey required passing over a rickety bridge over a particularly deep chasm. Each member of the group tried his or best to cross it, but it proved to be treacherous, and nearly claimed more than one of their number. Once safely across they decided to sabotage the bridge just as the army could be heard approaching.

The party crested a snowy hill and found that they were upon Scarsdale- now overrun with a garrison of Red Flag occupying forces. They fought their way through a band of vicious wolves and a goblin shaman riding them, and sneaked into the fort after a company of warg riding orcs was leaving to meet the approaching army proper.

Ashe entered the fort last, and got his robes trapped in the descending portcullis. While the others worked to free him Lucky, a peg-legged, eye-patched goblin with grey hair missing a hand began screaming at the sight of infiltrators. Hugh broke off his peg leg, beat him with it, and threw the broken goblin over the fortification’s walls. All the commotion alerted the watch tower’s guards just as Hugh began scaling it. Lan’Lei downed a pair of orcs who tried to stab Hugh from their murder holes. Hugh secured the tower, and the party followed him upstairs when the fort’s retainer captain, Skrugnok, arrived riding atop his battle ogre Bone Gnasher. Tallendryl successfully toppled a ruined brass Imperial dragon crest which topped the tower, causing it to pin the ogre under its immense weight.

The exciting climax is no doubt upon the party. Can they survive the seemingly endless number of monstrous orcs, goblins, wolves, and ogres!?

Session 8
The Battle of Scarsdale

The remaining Red Flag forces went into hiding by fortifying themselves in Scarsdale‘s citadel while the party had a moment to rest. They knew that the main body of the army was still en route, and they had precious little time to prepare for its arrival. They opted to try and root out the holed up garrison by attacking from a back passage which lead to an alternate entrance to the citadel. This passage, as it turned out, went through the fort’s prison.

Tallendryl attempted to impersonate a guard with his magic, but was discovered by a keen-eyed orc. The party encountered a handful of orc watchmen, and made short work of them. Afterward they found a number of half orcs locked in cells. A few moments’ questioning revealed that some were prisoners of the Red Flag, and some were legitimate criminals. The criminals remained locked up, (with the exception of Toll) and the Imperial garrison set free to ready for the attack- including Sergeant Pulgrim and Lieutenant Gore. In the meantime the party ventured onward while Toll went on a smashing rampage of his own to stop those who threatened Mama.

The party sneaked onward, (finding a secret temple to the Great Gold Wyrm along the way) and barged into the main war room. Inside Skrugnok, Bone Gnasher, and the last force of the Red Flag’s garrison were waiting. A huge battle ensued, but the might of the party was undeniable. After the struggle the orcs were slain and the party emerged to meet back up with the freed Imperial garrison. What preparations which could be made were done, a magical flare was sent as a distress call, (as Tallendryl assisted Ashe in a magical ritual) and the party rested for the remainder of the night with the Red Flag Army marching ever closer.

At dawn the army attacked suddenly and viciously. Fortunately for the heroes, several reinforcements arrived to help- the dwarves and elves appeared as wave after wave of orc bashed and ransacked his way into the fort. The party stuck together and faced hazard after hazard- burning stables, crumbling barricades, collapsing doors, and more- but managed to survive the invasion with some dents, scratches, and a missing items or two. The true challenge remains, however, as General Ghuul himself is sure to arrive to challenge them next…

Session 9
The End of Ghuul

The battle continued. Most of the Red Flag’s forces were pressed outside Scarsdale Fortress‘s walls, but they were making preparations to re-seige and infiltrate the fortification. The allied forces continued to battle against the Red Flag orcs when one of the large war eagles accompanying the elves landed carrying Elkhorn, an old friend of Hugh’s. She was able to provide some respite for the party, healing their wounds and recharging their ability to fight. This was interrupted, however, when giant grappling hooks gripped the top of the fort’s draw bridge- which then began to be dragged open!

Three ogres, each of his own unique nature, were attempting to open the floodgates and allow the main avenue of Scardale to open to the orc horde. The party leapt out and met the challenge along with a force of the allied dwarves and elves. The foes were fierce, but ultimately not enough to conquer the heroes. During the fray Lan’Lei’s familar, Vrace surveyed the orc forces from above in search of General Ghuul- the battle was showing no signs of ending, and the head of the snake needed to be chopped off before the weight of the onslaught became too much for the defenders of Scarsdale. He returned and seemed to whisper the locations of an enormous orc far off at the edge of the army.

Availing themselves the use of Elkhorn’s eagle Swiftwind, the party was able to quickly close in on the location. The area was strange- not what one would normally expect from a general’s camp. The ground was littered with orc parts and was slick with blood. There were no nearby noises- only the distant beating of the drums from the attacking force. As the party made its was through the camp they soon found a pair of troll guards some distance from a giant of an orc with a great red banner on her back- General Ghuul was apparently a female.

Using some magical distractions, Tallendryl caught the trolls’ attention long enough for Hugh to hit Ghuul with a rock. When she turned to see her apparently slacking and disrespectful honor guard, her violent nature flared up as she cut both in half with a single swing of her giant axes. With the general now alone, the party sprung upon her. As they neared her, a sense of fury and bloodlust almost enveloped each of the attackers- as if her presence itself was insighting a maddening craving for death- though it was discerned soon that her banner was a powerful magical artifact that produced a berserk effect in all around it. The combat was fierce, and though she absorbed an inhuman number of attacks, she eventually succumbed to the heroes.

When she fell the ground began to shake, and the orc force suddenly realized that its leader was dead. They began to break in confusion- some fighting amongst themselves, many fleeing, but again the ground quaked. Pockets of earth sunk deep into the ground, and the walls of Scarsdale cracked. Then a strange thing again happened- tendrils of earth, stone, and madness twisted out of the ground and enveloped nearly all of Scarsdale Fortress in a quick fluid motion. The Stone Thief had reappeared. Then all became very still as the routed orcs fled and the avenging dwarves and elves pursued.

The party carefull collected the red flag- it was too powerful to easily dispose of, so they confiscated it for safe keeping, and returned to the fortress. Ashe was especially shocked when the party met up with the surviving members of the battle of Scarsdale. When he learned that such a living dungeon existed, and that it was attacking targets of such scale and Imperial importance, he resolved to inform his superiors as soon as possible, and promised to meet back up with the party in their unofficial headquarters at the Peach Pit in Dunbarrow.


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