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  • Serpent's Scale

    The serpent's scale is a specialty drink preferred by those who associate with [[The Three | the Three]]. Generally considered too bitter for most, the drink never caught on with most other people, and the implication of ordering one can be seen as …

  • Brine Rot

    Brine rot is a drink made partially with seawater. It tastes bad, but offers a pleasant effect to those who drink it regularly It is served to some local renown in [[The Old Fish Eye | the Old Fish Eye]].

  • Giant's Flagon

    [[The Giant's Flagon | The Giant's Flagon]] served "Giants' Flagons," oversized servings of ale which were free if the one who orders it can finish it in one sitting. [[:tallendryl | Tallendryl]] famously downed three in one night. As an homage, the …

  • Schnappy Peach

    Schnappy Peach is a type of ale brewed by [[:thorgrim-grimspittle | Thorgrim]] at [[The Peach Pit | the Peach Pit]]. Due to the ready supply of peaches from [[:nigel-crumb | Nigel Crumb's]] orchard, (and its [[:the-orchard-dryad | dryad]]) the ale is …

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