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  • Krovan's Gate

    Krovan's Gate is a trading hub. The town was founded because of its proximity to nearby dwarvish mines, but continued to prosper long after the mines were tapped out thanks to traffic by both [[:the-crusader | the Crusader's]] armies as well as [[:the- …

  • Dunstan Woodman

    Dunstan was a traveling merchant who was in [[Krovan's Gate | Krovan's Gate]] when the party arrived. He purchased a piece of [[Boltstrike Pillar | Boltstrike Pillar]] from [[:ulbrecht-von-osten | Ulbretch von Osten]] as he bungled an attempt to swindle …

  • Talula

    She and [[:tallendryl | Tallendryl]] had a few nights of partying and love there. She is concerned with the demonic activity of the [[Mushroom Men | mushroom men]]. The two reconnected just before [[The Stone Thief | the Stone Thief]] attacked the town.

  • Harn

    Originally encountered when the party first arrived in Krovan's Gate, he was in a trade dispute with some Crusaders. [[:tallendryl | Tallendryl]] befriended Harn and his associates by verifying that the ale being traded was of a good quality. He was …

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