The Giant's Flagon

The Giant’s Flagon was the main attraction in Dunbarrow, an otherwise small and unremarkable village. It was a tavern and inn run by Tom Coleway and his wife Mary. Hilda worked there as a barmaid. The house specialty was the eponymous Giant’s Flagon. Higgins, the town drunk was often found here. Gorn the hunter came here on the occasion that he was in town.

The party enters the Giant’s Flagon while searching for Parvo, who was renting the upstairs room from Tom.

Tallendryl finished three giant’s flagons in a single night- a feat never before accomplished.

The tavern burned down in a fire a few nights after Graham was killed by the Stone Thief. Its ruins are shunned by locals, as it is believed to be a cursed place which is haunted by the ghosts of the Coleways.

Weiss was sent to Dunbarrow to investigate the fire, and uncovered some evidence of demonic activity in its ashes.

The Giant's Flagon

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