The Hightowers

The Hightowers rank among the most influential families in Axis. They own many famous properties, including the famed Spire of Heaven and Earth, which is the tallest structure in the Dragon Empire. They are also are known for their smithies’ exceptional heavy armor- many dwarvish smiths are paid handsomely to oversee and teach Hightower blacksmiths the secrets of forging dwarf-quality armor.

Like the Vanliefs, the Hightowers back a number of gladiators, as most noble families in Axis do to draw prestige to their house’s name.

Luther Hightower maintained a very high quality of product, and enjoyed cultivating an even more prosperous family reputation in the past 20 years, but tragedy struck when his only son Wilhelm Hightower died in an arena while practicing to become a gladiator under suspicious circumstances. His next eldest, Adora Hightower, is expected to take over running the family business soon, as Luther’s health has been failing in recent months.

Tallendryl ran afoul of the Hightowers after working as a tutor for the five girls when he had a romantic link with Adora. She caught him one night with another woman, so accused him of ravishing her in retaliation. Luther called for his head, and hired the Snake Eyes to hunt him down.

Adora Hightower
Luther Hightower
Wilhelm Hightower (deceased)

The Hightowers

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