The Peach Pit

The Peach Pit, formerly “Graham House,” is the property rewarded to the party after he was killed by the Stone Thief. After Ulbrecht and Delia went their own separate ways Tallendryl was the sole owner. When a fire destroyed the Giant’s Flagon and claimed the lives of Tom and Mary Coleway the decision was made to replace it as Dunbarrow’s local tavern.

Drakkablak and Wiggledorf worked together to decorate, furnish, and establish the new watering hole. After their work was complete it stood as the largest building in Dunbarrow, piping with steam from its many roof pipes, and with business. Thorgrim Grimspittle volunteered to brew ale in exchange for orc meat, and Eudora Leafbitter was hired as a barmaid. Uurl was hired by Wiggledorf to tend bar, Toll collects the entry fee, or “Toll toll,” and Verlin the Vampire now resides in the basement.

The Peach Pit features Schnappy Peach, private rooms for whatever, (illegal substances, whores, etc.) and “the Bottomless Pit,” an homage to the giant’s flagons of the Giant’s Flagon. It will also produce black spice in the near future.

It has put Dunbarrow on the map, and made it an adventurer’s hub. Draven Halfhand seems bent on trying to burn it down for some reason.

NPCs known to frequent the Peach Pit:
Eudora Leafbitter
Thorgrim Grimspittle
Verlin the Vampire

The Peach Pit

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