The Price of Generosity

Session 3

The Search for Parvo

After meeting Armand, it was revealed that he was looking for Tallendryl on the advice of Parvo Cromwell. A letter arrived in Krovan’s Gate asking for Tallendryl and Armand to come to him. The decision was made for the party to meet Parvo in Dunbarrow. Before leaving, however, Drakkablak was waiting for the group in Krovan’s Gate with Fly-catcher, and a large amount of dried insects. The insects were traded to Edwards Cervesa, and a night of partying was had with a Crusader named Talula in the Gilded Lily, and the party departed in the morning.

Along the way the party discovered the grave of Glowron Starhands when Drakkablak got his hand stuck in a termite mound. They also encountered the Slug Burglar.

When they arrived in Dunbarrow, the party looked for Parvo in the Giant’s Flagon, the village’s hub for travelers, but found that he was missing for a few days. After looking around town for him, it was discovered that Oscar, a local boy, had seen something scary in the forest around the time of Parvo’s disappearance. The group stayed the night, and Tallendryl became a local legend for downing three Giant’s Flagons.

When the party investigated the forest the next morning they found a living dungeon with a strange being calling himself Jeb the Jabberer inside. They endured a number of hazards there- a pitfall trap with skeletons and a ghoul at the bottom, a hall of paintings resulting in a fight with a small army of goblins, an unnervingly uneventful room with a bottomless well, a kobold play resulting in a fight with a tiny doppelganger and a stirring performance, and finally the heart of the dungeon. When the heart was destroyed the edifice crumbled and the party escaped, albeit without any rumor of Parvo.

They returned to Dunbarrow and began looking for more clues. The next step is following up with Graham, the town elder, despite being warned about him by Sister Catherine.


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