The Price of Generosity

Session 14

Denizen of the Deep

The party traveled forward into a hallway suspiciously lit, but devoid of any ornamentation or apparent danger. Synyster scouted ahead and noticed horizontal reliefs lining the walls. As he observed this the trap was sprung- buzz saws appeared and began sliding back and forth, making passage nigh impossible. Weiss was able to avoid most of the danger by walking on the walls by way of his dwarvish kilt. He helped the remaining party members cross without too much spoil.

Following the saws the party took a brief rest, and then resumed the journey into the now downward-sloping corridor. Around halfway through the hall the face of the apparently alive Butcher appeared, boasting his evil grin. He then caused a giant boulder to drop into the hall at the opposite end of the slanted hall, and the party had to dodge it. When it reached the end the hall tilted the opposite way, causing the boulder to roll back past the party once again. This continued, with a few feet being crushed, but all survived, and traveled on.

The corridor finally ended with a large dwarvish treasure chamber containing a number of pillars and a partially petrified medusa, along with a small group of harpies perched near the ceiling. The medusa attacked the party with her bow, but the party was unable to answer with ranged attacks of their own, as there was also an invisible magical maze of force barriers being generated by the runes inscribed on the pillars. The party rushed to the medusa as Tallendryl used demonic blood magic to dispel the maze. Once the gap was closed the foe was no match for the heroes, and was slain. Following the battle Lan’Lei discerned where a likely hiding place for a cache of treasure, and several items were obtained.

Behind this room was another even larger chamber with a high ceiling, dwarvish statues, a large anvil, and a tremendous crack leading deep down into an abyss. When inspected, a creature stirred, and a huge aged minotaur with matted hair and overgrown horns began climbing up the cliff formed by the crack, and the party opted to flee. Of the two possible exits, they chose one which seemed to be an uncovered secret door.

The door lead to a spiral staircase which lead up into ancient-looking quarters of some kind of temple. Though dusty, there were beds available, and all seemed quiet until a man was spotted. After some initial suspicion it was learned that Bartholomew, as he identified himself, was a cleric who had ventured into the Stone Thief with his own party, but became separated when they attempted to battle the minotaur. He fled from the danger while they remained, but it is unknown what became of them. He noted also that he had been living in this place for a month, and it was one of the elusive “safe zones” inside the dungeon. The party was glad to hear this, and decided to rest here before attempting to delve further into danger…


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