The Price of Generosity

Session 19

The Cursed Staff, the Haunted Cupboard, and the Festival

Tallendryl addressed Father Coleway while both sides sized each other up. After trying to convince the agents of the Prince of Shadows to leave peacefully it became clear that they had no intention of leaving without the item they hunted, so with a cry Weiss charged their line and a battle erupted in the alleyway. As the sides struggled against each other Tallendryl suddenly found the staff in his hands out of thin air. Lan’Lei checked her bag, and found it to indeed be missing. It had somehow spontaneously materialized into the wizard’s hands… The battle ended when all but the murderous Boss Grond were slain, and he escaped into the shadows.

Following the battle a note was found on Father Coleway containing an ominous rhymed code of how “when the dragons are away the thieves will play.” Lan’Lei and Brock reiterated their position on the staff, explaining that it is too evil to wield, and that the dragons must destroy it. Tallendryl held fast that it should be used for good, but agreed to see the dragons so that he could convince them and his party mates of his reasoning. Meanwhile Sister Catherine had vanished at some point during the skirmish and was gone. Rather than try and track her down, the party decided to prepare for the next morning’s appointment to seek the dragons regarding the staff, (as the reservation had been made by Catherine) and to settle the business in Laylen’s home.

It was nearly midnight when the party knocked on Laylen’s door. His servant almost refused them, but Tallendryl’s old friend allowed them in and showed them to his study, where his problem lay- a cupboard of flatware which would not budge an inch for some reason. Despite several people’s strongest tugs it would not yield in the least. What was more, Laylen reported that screams and moaning were heard coming from the cupboard at night.

It was soon concluded that the matter was of some kind of negative spiritual energy haunting the thing. Looking for clues, the plates were examined closely, (especially closely as Weiss dropped one in a failed attempt to shatter one) but no one knew enough about dinner items to be of much use, until, as luck would have it, Brock recalled that his retired Crusader friend Lawrence Colbert lived nearby. He owed Brock a favor, and was an antique flatware enthusiast. He was called upon, and he eagerly examined the items, and informed everyone that they were actually made of dragon bone! He noted how valuable they were.

Lan’Lei learned from Laylen that although the dinnerware had been handled, the serving bowl likely had not been disturbed. She seized this opportunity to divine knowledge of the last person who had touched it. She saw a vision of an individual known as a Herald of the Three. Little more was to be done for the night, so Laylen produced guest rooms for everyone except Weiss, who insisted on camping out in the library to hear the screams for himself, which he did indeed.

The next morning the party made their way to a potion vendor to purchase magical concoctions of endurance for the long trek up to the clouds where the dragons roost. As they walked there they noted an unusual amount of activity in Axis- people were everywhere milling about, banners were streaming, and music could be heard all around. The vendor informed them that it was the first day of the Festival of Spears. As such, his usual goods were in small supply, and were ten times their normal going rate. Tallendryl balked at this, and suggested that they simply enjoy the festival and see the dragons using Lan’Lei’s reserved time instead of Catherine’s. Lan’Lei insisted, however, that the staff be destroyed as soon as possible, and would not wait- she shelled out the asking price for the potions.

They next went to the temple of the Great Gold Wyrm, where they would be able to climb up to the dragons. The priest, informed them, however, that the dragons had not been seen in a day or two, and their location was presently unknown, except for one old brass dragon. He was overseeing the main event in the Festival of Spears, though. Tallendryl brought up the letter’s warning from the Prince of Shadows’ men, and suggested that they be at the ready for evil to be done during the tournament since the dragons indeed seemed to be “away…”


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