The Price of Generosity

Session 20

Draven's Demand and the Lost Laylen

The party left the temple in time to meet a troop of dark armored Crusaders lead by Draven Halfhand. Like so many others at this point, Draven had come seeking the staff, and was not in a negotiating mood. Tallendryl attempted to leave, but Draven was not about to allow that. Just as a confrontation seemed inevitable, (and a small crowd of gawkers had gathered) yet another person interested in the staff made his move- Phaerun Xvim, another agent of the Prince of Shadows.

Looking to create a ruckus, Phaerun convinced a small group of boys who were celebrating the Festival of Spears in the traditional manner of throwing mock spears at adults from the rooftops to target Draven. Just as he gave the order for his men to attack a number of spears rained upon him. Finding a group of children to be his assaulters, Draven tore off as he hurriedly barked orders to his men to take the staff by force, and he was gone after the boys.

The Crusaders attacked with deadly force. They nearly succeeded in taking down the party if not for the intervention of Phaerun. Initially attempting to steal the staff out of Tallendryl’s hands, he became embroiled in the melee, siding with the party to defend against the attacking Crusaders. They were eventually defeated after considerable difficulty, (the party discovered that they were actually some of the Saved) and Phaerun announced his intention of seeing the staff kept out of the hands of his competitors, and took his leave, though he never truly allowed it to leave his sight.

At this point the party split, Lan’Lei and Weiss seeking Parthax out at the Spiked Tail, and Tallendryl returning to Laylen’s manor.

Lan’Lei found her way to the Spiked Tail, and learned that the dragon was dealt with through his front woman, Elandra. She was able to draw the great minotaur’s attention with Vrace’s help, and was able to get important information out of her regarding Parthax in exchange for a magical belt and information on how the Stone Thief is summoned. After accomplishing this she returned to Laylen’s estate. Finding no one home she went to bed…

…Meanwhile Tallendryl had been watching Laylen and his teammates Barnus, Royce, and Triton train for the grand tournament with Phaerun following in the shadows. Laylen noticed Phaerun, and called him out, only to find that the two knew each other. He invited the rogue to join in their small group. After a short time Tallendryl became bored and coaxed the men into celebrating their impending victory by going out to the Fighting Pawn to drink with the rest of the festival’s revelers.

The party went out to the tavern, and with the help of a few pinches of black spice all were soon completely wasted, including Phaerun, despite his insistence on not drinking. The next thing Tallendryl and Phaerun became aware of, several hours had passed, they were back in Laylen’s home, many were only partially clothed, two women and a man were now with them, and Laylen himself was nowhere to be found. After paying off the prostitutes, (as all of the newcomers apparently were) and briefly looking for some pants, the grim discovery was made that not only was Laylen indeed missing, but both Barnus and Royce were dead. Triton was devastated by the events, and the party gathered together to plan what to do next…


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