The Price of Generosity

Session 7

The Advance of the Red Flag

The party continued ahead toward Scarsdale Fortress with the Red Flag Army in pursuit when they encountered a pair of remorazes. Opting to avoid the giant snow storm-producing insects, they found themselves in dire conditions, and all were quite unprepared for this kind of survival condition. Freezing constantly, they faced constant blizzard conditions, loss of food from scavenging wild animals, and icy chasm passes.

When a large tunnel into solid ice presented itself during a particularly persistent snow storm, the party reluctantly opted to seek its refuge despite surmising that it was likely created by the remorazes. Inside they found no remoraze, but instead a number of demons sieging a lone half orc in a deteriorating magical circle of protection all occurring just outside an ancient buried temple of the Great Gold Wyrm. The party sprung upon the demons, about a dozen in number, and dispatched them in no time at all. After their threat was ended they found that the orc was the missing Archmage’s operative Ashe. He informed the party that he was attacked by the demons after discovering the temple, and agreed to join the group until he could safely deliver his notes to Sevren Trask. They rested there until the storm passed, (while Weiss and Lan’Lei received patron gifts from the Great Gold Wyrm) and then continued on to keep ahead of the Red Flag.

Nearing Scarsdale, the next leg of the journey required passing over a rickety bridge over a particularly deep chasm. Each member of the group tried his or best to cross it, but it proved to be treacherous, and nearly claimed more than one of their number. Once safely across they decided to sabotage the bridge just as the army could be heard approaching.

The party crested a snowy hill and found that they were upon Scarsdale- now overrun with a garrison of Red Flag occupying forces. They fought their way through a band of vicious wolves and a goblin shaman riding them, and sneaked into the fort after a company of warg riding orcs was leaving to meet the approaching army proper.

Ashe entered the fort last, and got his robes trapped in the descending portcullis. While the others worked to free him Lucky, a peg-legged, eye-patched goblin with grey hair missing a hand began screaming at the sight of infiltrators. Hugh broke off his peg leg, beat him with it, and threw the broken goblin over the fortification’s walls. All the commotion alerted the watch tower’s guards just as Hugh began scaling it. Lan’Lei downed a pair of orcs who tried to stab Hugh from their murder holes. Hugh secured the tower, and the party followed him upstairs when the fort’s retainer captain, Skrugnok, arrived riding atop his battle ogre Bone Gnasher. Tallendryl successfully toppled a ruined brass Imperial dragon crest which topped the tower, causing it to pin the ogre under its immense weight.

The exciting climax is no doubt upon the party. Can they survive the seemingly endless number of monstrous orcs, goblins, wolves, and ogres!?


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