Delia Shimmerwood

High Elf Ranger


Level 2

Race: High Elf
Gender: Female
Height: 6’2
Weight: 130 lbs
Age: 170 human years

Silver hair
Silver eyes

12 Strength
12 Constitution
19 Dexterity
8 Intelligence
12 Wisdom
13 Charisma

18 AC
14 PD
14 MD

Icon Relationships
Elf Queen+2
High Druid +1

Tracker- 5
Bounty Hunter- 4
Courtier- 2
Assassin- 2

Double Ranged
Fey Queen’s Enchantment

Precise shot-a
Fey Queen’s Enchantment-a
Double Ranged Attack-a


As the Elf Queen’s great great niece, many, um, great things are expected from her.

While her path isn’t her parents first choice, they more than understand. Delia has had the call to the wilds since she was born. It’s a call difficult to ignore. She can hear the trace whisper of a tree in agony miles, even months, travel away. The trees have taken her all over the Dragon Empire to help aid their needs and causes, all the while making her a gifted tracker, from a relatively young age.

Delia’s has learned magic from her mother, Saira, a sorceress and her father, Goren, a cleric. Since the trees have called her to action from youth, her mother has always worried for Delia’s safety; under the belief that Delia’s best defense is a strong magical offense. Her mother has taught her to use the magical energy that pervades the world and wield it to attack. Her father’s lessons of healing magic are still difficult to fully grasp, and she trains as often as possible to harness the ability.

Her travels through the woods of the Dragon Empire have brought her in contact with the High Druid on rare occasion. Her unique ability and general gentle and caring character with the elements of the wild put Delia in the good graces of the High Druid. And in these rare occasions, she imparts Delia with invaluable knowledge of the woods.

As kin and endowed with prominent gifts, she was never able to avoid the eye of the Elf Queen. The Queen took a great interest in Delia ever since she was a child telling her the innocuous secrets of the trees. Over time, the Queen had trained her to tend to her most important orchards, the Awena; often instructing Delia personally. These trees, grown with a tiny translucent purple stone, Mopsus, are imbued with the Queen’s magic. Trusting Delia with the task of caring for these trees, near and far, the Queen has given Delia a Mopsus. It is laid in wood, beautifully carved, and easily fits in her hand. This token marks the trust of the Queen as Delia is the only one trained to care for them. Because she knows its significance and particular powers, Delia oft secures it in a careful place, usually on her person, and forgets it.

Delia has earned the Queen’s trust and favor in many ways. Though Delia has no fondness for the Court or politics and games that are inherent, she has spent much time there. She knows how to play her role and has become an adept Courtier when time necessitates. She knows how to move both seen and unseen, when to speak truth, when to lie, and when to drop a poison bit of ice into a drink. The last only on the Queen’s command, in all it’s variants. And sometimes when someone needs to be found, usually for the Court, usually for a high price, it is known that Delia can secure that person, dead or alive, as is required.

The Queen and Saira wish to match her appropriately in rank and skill, as well as respect her skills and talents. But as a suitable suitor has yet to arise. As such, and for exemplary service, they leave her to her own means. Except, occasionally, or maybe more than occasionally, when the Queen requires her singular talent.

Delia Shimmerwood

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