Draven Halfhand

Half-handed Crusader/Child Molester


Race: Human
Gender: Male

Draven Halfhand is a child molester, arsonist, and wife beater missing half of one of his hands. He is a Crusader who frequently stayed in the Giant’s Flagon, and is also under a curse which is slowly turning him into an orc, and speaks in the third person. Draven somehow knows about Tallendryl’s birthmark, and consorts with devils. He has a strange charisma that makes women want him and men want to follow him, and is a very capable individual- perhaps one of the strongest in the world.


It is said that Draven lost half of his hand in a hell hole after the parents of one of the children he molested him followed him in and confronted him.

He also is missing his prized coin purse, which Synyster may know something about…

Draven was the lone survivor of the fire which burned down the Giant’s Flagon, and claimed the lives of Tom and Mary Coleway. He claims to have seen several demons at the scene, of which he killed five, but was nevertheless unable to stop the conflagration.

He was spotted by Lan’lei after possibly having a hand, (or half a hand) in at least one of the fires which has been plaguing the Peach Pit.

Later he appeared in Axis, hunting the Staff of Gifts, where he led a band of the Saved against the party, but was immediately distracted by a blunted spear thrown by a child as a part of the Festival of Spears festivities. He left his men to pursue the child with ferocious resolve to their disaster.

Later, just before the Festival’s main event, Draven reappeared to strike a bargain with Tallendryl- he wished to trade a great deal of hell hole treasure for the scroll of Parthax binding- a scroll that Tallendryl had agreed to deliver to the Courier, who would then deliver it to Draven. Tallendryl kind of agreed, expecting Elandra, who he had magically teleported to the scene, to handle and arrest him. Instead he cut off one of her hands and nearly killed her.

Draven made his way with the scroll directly to Second Blood, but the party was in hot pursuit. This prompted Lan’lei to act drastically by summoning the Stone Thief, which indeed appeared and swallowed several blocks of Axis containing the Crusader stronghold… including everyone inside, of which Draven and the Crusader himself were counted.

Draven Halfhand

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