Minotaur of the Spiked Tail


Gender: Female
Race: Minotaur
Height: 9’

Elandra is in charge of the daily operations of the Spiked Tail, and is the personal assistant of Parthax. She is tall, scarred, and very fond of bronze jewelry, adorning her horns and dress with many bangles and ornaments of the metal. She speaks with a foreign accent of some kind.


Elandra was first encountered by the party in Axis on the first day of the Festival of Spears when Lan’Lei and Weiss were seeking out Parthax in the Spiked Tail. She warmed up to Lan’Lei after seeing her bond with Vrace, and after receiving a gift of a magical belt and being shown the ritual to summon the Stone Thief she gave some information on Parthax, and promised to keep her inquiries regarding the dragon a secret in return.

She was mortally injured by Draven Halfhand after attempting to apprehend him for being in possession of a scroll of binding intended for Parthax. Her life was saved, however, by Tallendryl. She permanently lost a hand from the attack.


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