Laylen McKale

Tallendryl's Fighter Friend of Axis


Race: Half Elf
Gender: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 180 lbs
Age: 42

Laylen has one eye and several scars across his body. He is a shrewd fighter with street smarts, but loyal to those he trusts. Proud and confident, he does not respect anyone who can’t back up their words in battle. He tends to binge drink, and can be found in the Fighting Pawn when celebrating a particularly great victory or devastating defeat in the arena.

He really enjoys turquoise.


Laylen was born to the MacKales, a well-to-do family in the upper echelons of Horizon’s aristocracy. One of five children, he was sent to the Jables Institute when he was ten to polish the rough edges he had, for unlike his brothers and sister, he had a knack for always getting into fights and being too aggressive. A few years younger than Tallendryl when he was sent to the boarding school, Laylen looked up to him immediately. The two were like brothers for a few years before Tallendryl left Horizon.

The two kept in touch via correspondence for a while after Tallendryl left for Axis, the exciting tales intrigued Laylen, who struggled academically. When he turned 16 Laylen convinced his family to send him to study as a gladiator in Axis, and although they hoped he’d find the life too difficult and return home, he found a lifelong fascination with combat, and settled there. He became an accomplished pit fighter, (favoring a dual-wielding style, using a sword and a dagger) and although he lost an eye, he is still considered one of the top contenders to beat in the annual Festival of Spears tournament. He eventually became the captain of Axis’ team in the tournament, and hand selected the rest of its members, (including Barnus, Royce, and Triton).

Tallendryl resurfaced in his life one day after walking all the way from Santa Cora to Axis. He stayed with Laylen a few days to regain his strength and duck the Hightowers before leaving for Horizon. While there the two would go to the Fighting Pawn for some drinking.

He currently lives in a manor house in Axis with his wife.

Laylen McKale

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