Squire of Captain Skrugnok


Race: Goblin
Gender: Male

Lucky is an exceptionally long-lived goblin- so old, in fact, that he has grey hair. He is missing an eye, a leg, and a hand- all lost in various battles.


As a member of the Red Flag Army he is a veteran of the incredible sum of a dozen battles- a record for a member of his race. Though badly wounded from time to time, his captain, Skrugnok, took note of his apparent knack for survival, and concluded that he must have a natural property of luckiness. Skrugnok counted him as a lucky charm, and credited him with being responsible for winning a number of engagements. He was thus kept close to Skrugnok, and made a member of his personal retinue, (which may have consequently contributed to his continued survival in large battles). Once in this position he became good friends with Bone Gnasher the ogre.

Lucky made a brief appearance in the campaign when he was the unfortunate member of the Scarsdale Fortress garrison who came upon the party just as they were sneaking in. Hugh Badaxe brutally and swiftly ended Lucky’s survival streak before he was able to do anything other than scream… or so it was thought. During the Red Flag attack on Scarsdale after the party had captured the fort Lucky suddenly reappeared, snatched the magic circlet that Sevren Trask had given to Tallendryl, and disappeared into a mob of orcs.

His whereabouts are currently unknown.


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