Phaerun Xvim

Quick Assassin of the Prince


Age: 29
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Olive skin
Black hair

Phaerun wears a black face mask given to him by the Prince of Shadows. His weathered, slightly scarred face almost always has a sullen look on his face, as if he takes no joy in life.

He has an average build, with no particular stand out features. This usually aids him in his work, as it allows him to blend into a crowd easier.

He wears black studded leather armor, dyed so that it appears to absorb light. He wields an ornate hand axe he’s used since fighting in Axis’s pits. He also has various small blades hidden about his person at all times.


Phaerun was born on the streets of Axis to a prostitute and poverty. His mother never talked his father, and when he asked she’d always dodge the question. When he was 7, his mother sold him into slavery to pay off debts she’d accumulated from drinking and drug use.

Phaerun was purchased by a slaver named Vargas Flynt. He was a cruel man, who delighted in the pain of his slaves. Despite tormenting them endlessly, Flynt was sure to always avoid causing permanent damage to his property.

For a year he was the Vargas’ whipping boy, until he was sold to a small fighting pit in the wilderness. There he was trained under a weapon master named Plytho Negar.

Plytho could see the boy would not grow up to be a very strong or hardy man, so he taught Phaerun to use his ample wits and speed to defeat his opponents. Stern but fair, the two grew close, and for the first time Phaerun was given a kindness- Plytho taught him, his basic numbers and reading. The boy absorbed it all with an eager mind.

Phaerun was eventually brought back to Axis to train under Laylen McKale, where they developed a close pupil/tutor relationship. While he treated the boy warmly, the master gladiator always saw a darkness in him that he could never place which made him uneasy.

When Phaerun came of age at 13, he fought his first real arena battle. He was pitted against fully grown men twice his age, but was the victor. As luck would have it, agents of the Prince of Shadows were there that day scouting for new talent. Upon seeing the surprising results, they quickly set about purchasing him. The young man’s heart hardened, as he realized that while Plytho cared for him, he was still a commodity to be bought and sold for the right price.

With this change, he was put on the road to his true destiny. The Prince’s men brought him to the sprawling city streets of Drakkenhall, where they told told to fend for himself, and left him alone. He survived for two weeks on the street, and when they rejoined him they asked to hear of his experience. They gave him harsh a critique in response- they pointed out how he should have handled his hunger, where to find the easiest coin to swipe, which streets and gangs to avoid, and on and on. Slowly but surely, they shaped him into what he is now- a perfectly innocuous face in the crowd who is capable of killing whoever he needs to, or stealing whatever he needs to without ever being caught. They taught him how to move like a shadow in the night, as quickly as an arrow, and honed his instincts to be as sly as a fox’s.

Once his initial training was complete he was placed into indentured servitude. His first role was to be a burglars apprentice, but the Prince’s agents realized his true talent was as an assassin. More training was given to him in “acting,” (lying) disguises, and poisons. He took to the training with quickly, and enjoyed the challenging work.

His first mission was emotionally demanding for the young man- he was asked to track and kill the very man who had brutalized him as a child, Vargas Flynt. After stalking his former master for days, he found an opening and performed the deed without a word. Although he had strong feelings, he had performed admirably in the eyes of his masters. He showed no sign of allowing his personal feelings influence the hit.

After his first kill, Phaerun was given a mask said to have been blessed by the Prince of Shadows himself. When worn, it completely distorts his features and allows him to remain unseen where others would be in plain sight. New jobs had him sent to cities around the Dragon Empire. His reputation for being professional and efficient was recognized by The Prince, and when a matter needed to be dealt with discreetly Phaerun was called on.

He joined up with the party while pursuing the Staff of Gifts in Axis, attempting to secure it before his rival Boss Grond could use its power in the Festival of Spears.

Phaerun Xvim

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