Berserker of Axis


Race: Human
Gender: Male

Rusk is a simple-minded, insane, muscle-bound man known as a one man army. He wears no armor except a helmet which covers his entire face. He has a fanatical devotion to the Emperor, (who he follows as his god) but sees little value in the concerns of others. Rusk is a natural loner, as anyone who has tried to get close to him has eventually become the victim of his capricious mood, and beaten or killed- everyone in Axis now stays away from him.


Rusk is a member of a barbarian tribe in the Dragon Empire that worships the Emperor and adheres to the credo, “only the strong survive.” He has a reputation of being prone to wonton property and personal damage to others in Axis. He has spent more than a few days in various holding cells for his random attacks, and is not welcome in many establishments in the city as a result.

Weiss bumped into him while looking for some replacement gladiators for Royce and Barnus, and was impressed by his physique so much that he invited him to fight for Axis in the Festival of Spears, much to Leyland’s chagrin.

Rusk took down every member of Concord’s champions during the Festival, and finally fell after self-immolating and being impaled by a spear.


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