Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon of Verlin's Egg


Race: Dragon
Gender: Unknown


The silver dragon’s egg was discovered in a silver mine near Dunbarrow by Verlin. He kept the egg even after he was swallowed up by the Stone Thief. After some coaxing, Lan’Lei convinced him to entrust the egg with her. She brought the egg to Axis, where Parthax performed a purification ritual, cleansing the egg of an evil taint with which it had been corrupted. Soon afterward it was revealed that the egg was about to hatch, despite such a small amount of time passing- this was because Lan’Lei’s life and that of the silver dragon had become linked, syncing [its] lifespan with hers, instead of progressing at that of a normal dragon’s, (which is far more long-lived).

Lan’Lei now seeks to unlink their lives so that the newly hatched dragonling can have a normal life span.

Silver Dragon

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