The Courier

Intended Recipient of the Scroll


Race: Devil
Gender: Male

The Courier has red skin and a yellow hat. He can take on the appearance of an old man who is usually accompanied by his lovely daughter.


The Courier is a devil who was supposed to receive a package containing a scroll which could bind Parthax so that Draven Halfhand could somehow attack or kill him during the Festival of Spears. Instead of being able to continue ahead with their plans, however, the Diabolist had asked Tallendryl to kill the Courier after delivering the package, which he and the party did, (although with some difficulty). The Courier did not perish after being defeated- he simply returned to Hell.

The Courier was encountered again by the party as the traveled from Dunbarrow to the Monastery of the Sacred Flame, as he attempted to strike another bargain with the party. They declined, and so he disappeared into the night.

The Courier

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