The Diabolist

The Diabolist


Race: Demon
Gender: Female

The Diabolist controls fiends and tampers with forces even the Archmage avoids. She likes her victims screaming and her chaos pure while claiming that the demons she summons would otherwise overwhelm the Great Gold Wyrm who seals the Abyss. There are two differences between her and her demons: First, she likes keeping destruction personal rather than universal. Second, she’s capable of kindness, so long as it comes as a great surprise.


The longer she lives, the more this Diabolist looks like one of her demons. The stories are that she was originally a human woman, but you’d be hard-pressed to prove it.

The Diabolist has interacted with Tallendryl many times throughout his life. After he helped her defile a temple in Santa Cora, she marked him and played with his life leading up to his successful victory for her in the Festival of Spears. After that he became her true consort, visiting him often at night. Her influence over the world increased greatly because of his adventures and efforts.

The Diabolist

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