The Doorkeeper

Custodian of the Maw


The Doorkeeper is a mysterious being who is charged with guarding the maw of the Stone Thief’s entrance. He is a large head of animated stone making up a wall of a room otherwise adorned with gargoyles. The Doorkeeper has shown an affinity for riddles.

Describing himself as “a spirit,” the Doorkeeper is actually a relatively polite and intelligent entity. He is bored, as there are few who venture into the Stone Thief aside from monsters, and is eager for conversation and news of the outside world- he even will volunteer is own knowledge and experiences freely in turn. Though bound physically, (and in some sense contractually) to the dungeon, he is capable of sympathizing with adventurers.

The Doorkeeper mentioned that he has several brothers, (the Butcher and others) who have different responsibilities further down into the dungeon. It seems that he is able to communicate with them in some fashion, although he seems to have a low opinion of their natures- they are apparently less kind and intellectual.


When the party encountered him they had a civil interaction, and he even provided a lot of useful information after posing a token challenge of riddles to satisfy his obligation to the living dungeon.

The Doorkeeper

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