Triton Amberstal

Arena Fighter of Axis


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 56

Triton is a wealthy, well-educated, and accomplished pit fighter from Axis. He’s spent decades in the pits, upholding the honor of his family, both dreading and hoping for the day that the next Amberstal will take his place.

He enjoys eating basilisk steak.


Triton was a natural fighting prodigy. He was trained from the time he could hold a sword to hone his fighting skills, and won many tournaments at a very young age. He took the mantle as his family’s Champion when the last holder of the title, his grandfather Tronus, fell in battle to the black dragon Valyxtrix during his battle in the famed* Chromatic Pit* of Drakkenhall. Triton has yet to find the beast that slew his grandfather, but in an effort to gain fame and call the beast out, he requested Laylen McKale to include him as one of Axis’ gladiators in the Festival of Spears’ grand event.

Tallendryl took Triton, Barnus, Royce, Laylen, and Phaerun out for a night of heavy drinking and black spice use on the first night of the Festival of Spears to celebrate. He was lucky to have survived. Both Barnus and Royce died from basilisk ichor poisoning, (while Triton is immune due to his love for eating basilisk steak) and Laylen did not make it home with the rest of the group. Triton was very upset over the whole situation, having lost so many friends in his long years already, and slipped into despair. He doubled his resolve, however, and was among the victors of the Festival. As the proclamation of victory finished, and Parthax began his soothsaying Valyxtrix appeared in an attempt to kill him. Though largely unable to harm the dragon, he was able to withstand his attacks, and get some measure of revenge for his grandfather, and most importantly, lives on to continue fighting for his family.

Triton Amberstal

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