Gnome Merchant/Inventor of "Functional Furniture"


Race: Gnome
Gender: Male

Wiggledorf is a gnome merchant with pink hair and a pink mustache. He also wears a fedora. Wiggledorf specializes in inventing “functional furniture,” but lacks the people skills to sell them himself.


Wiggledorf was first encountered by the party after he fell asleep near a river and was robbed blind by the Slug Burglar. They retrieved all of his belongings, (except his cart) from the giant slug’s back in exchange for some of his food and fine silks.

He was on his way to Dubarrow, where he stayed in the Giant’s Flagon until a fire destroyed it. Afterward he agreed to help furnish the Peach Pit and to train new staff, (to be found) as he has experience tending bar in Glitterhagen.

He is something of a hedonist, enjoying multiple women at once. Good for him.


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