The Price of Generosity


A Time of Troubles

After a hard fought battle through the Monastery of the Sacred Flame, the heroes discovered the location of the Holy Grail: it rested deep within the fitful dreams of the sleeping Green Dragon, who had been put to sleep by the Elf Queen herself.

Forbidden access by the Elf Queen in her court, the party had only two possible entities who could grant entry into the great beast’s dreams: the Great Gold Wyrm, sealed in the Abyss to prevent the hordes of demonkind from wrecking havoc on the Dragon Empire, or the Diabolist, whose knowledge of the dreamways was surpassed only by the Wyrm himself.

They opted to travel to the Abyss, where the party discovered that all of the servants of the Wyrm across the Empire had been summoned to the great rift leading into Hell. A prophet had gathered all the warriors loyal to the Gold Wyrm from far and wide in order to end the threat of demonkind and free the Wyrm from his vigil in order to usher in a new age of light.

The heroes joined his cause, and together descended into the Abyss itself. If only they had known the treachery that was brewing in their own ranks, they might have prevented the tragedy that would follow.

Tainted by the dark promises of the Diabolist, Tallendryl struck a deal with the dark mistress to allow the party access into the dreams of the Green. After many trials, each hero eventually found themselves alone with the object of their quest- the Grail. Each received that which they so desired- but one was favored above all the rest, and he usurped his former mistress and seized her power for his own.

Events transpired quickly after the heroes emerged from the realm of dreams…
The Green, no longer bound by the presence of the Grail to perpetuate its slumber, exacted its revenge on the Elf Queen and rejoined its long lost siblings, the Three.
The Great Gold Wyrm, betrayed, was gravely wounded- he escaped the Abyss but was rendered crippled.
The Dwarf King’s demands on the weakened Empire, bereft of its Emperor, soon led to a short but bloody war, with the Empire suffering great losses.
The Orc Lord captured many territories in the northern Empire for his own, thanks to the disarray of the Imperial Legions. His advance southward was only halted by the combined forces of the dwarves and elves.
The Crusader, though trapped within the belly of the Stone Thief, mastered its heart and made it his own, but was absorbed in the process and driven insane. The beast was enhanced further by infernal magics, and sought to acquire more power from the magic above to grow strong enough for revenge.
The Archmage managed to survive several assassination attempts by the newly bolstered chromatic dragons only to see the city of Horizon, his city, nearly swallowed by the hellish Stone Thief. He wove a spell of great power which sealed the floating city off from the rest of the world and its dangers- but at great cost.

The 13th Age, a glorious time of civilized advancement and stability, has ended. New Icons have arrived to replace those who died with the 13th Age…
Now a mage of incredible demonic power toys with the world, poisoning the land and its people.
Meanwhile, a shadowy man possessed of hellish sorcery stalks the streets, gathering followers for an unknown purpose.
The great Devourer tunnels below the surface of the earth, searching for power, steeped in rage and insanity, and ever hungering for the treasures of the surface.
Additionally, the Four have been united at last, and lay cunning plans to consolidate power to seat themselves as the rulers of the world, while seeking to stamp out the forces of the Wounded Gold Wyrm.

The bastions of civilization are few are far between, and champions of Light and a great Silver Dragon are the world’s only hope. Heroes are few, and the future of this world is dark…


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