Black Spice

Black spice is an illicit substance in the Empire. Though usually found in small quantities, it is very powerful in effect, and very expensive. A pinch can cause extreme euphoria, hyperactivity, and, some claim, a link to ley lines. Users can be spotted due to their extreme perspiration, flush, and intoxicated behavior. Consuming black spice enhances other substances the user has ingested, and allows him or her to ingest more intoxicating substances than would normally be possible. Those who use it often are rumored to be able to enhance their spell casting abilities, though no one has ever written any academic literature on the substance.

One of the ingredients of black spice is death root.

Edwards Cervesa is a known black spice dealer.

Tallendryl has used black spice several times in his life, and once in Dunbarrow’s Giant’s Flagon, which allowed him to drink three giant’s flagons.

Mechanic: 10gp worth per hit. 1 hit for physical effect. 2 hits to remember a spent spell.

Black Spice

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