The Amberstals

The Amberstals are one of the oldest noble families of Axis. Their dynasty dates back to the founding of the Dragon Empire as accomplished warriors. They are named in several military histories and their names litter the records of past arena victors in Axis’ many tournaments, though their numbers have been dwindling in recent generations.

Notably, they have an odd tradition which began as a pact with a previous Emperor many generations ago: one of the family must always be fighting as the Amberstal champion. If the current champion meets his end in battle another Amberstal must take up arms as the new one. Thus, unless another member of the family volunteers to succeed him, the champion must continue to fight in his Emperor’s name to the death, or a great misfortune will befall his family. None but the Amberstals themselves know what misfortune this is, or what the specifics of the oath taken were, as they guard this as their chief family secret.

Currently Triton Amberstal is the champion, and though he is aging without any heirs in line, he is one of the finest Amberstals to be known as a fighter. He took the mantle as his family’s Champion when the last holder of the title, his grandfather Tronus Amberstal, was killed by the black dragon Valyxtrix in Drakkenhall’s Chromatic Pit. Since then Triton has sworn to avenge his grandfather and desperately seeks to keep his fading line vibrant.

Triton Amberstal
Tronus Amberstal (deceased)

The Amberstals

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