The Festival of Spears

The Festival of Spears is an annual three day tournament held in Axis. Its climax is a grand tournament held at the Spiked Tail in which 7 teams, (representing one of each City) of 4 are sent into a large arena for a battle royal while 13 spear men, (each representing one of the Ages) hurl 13 spears each, (every one engraved with a symbol for each Icon). The arena is set up with a few pit traps, four pillars for cover, and a cache of weaponry in the center, as well. The crowd sometimes hurls objects at gladiators, though this is generally discouraged.

The last standing team is celebrated as the victor, and its members are gifted a pick or portion of Parthax’s horde. Afterward Parthax assumes the role of the Soothsayer of Spears and makes predictions about the coming year based on how the “cities,” and “icons” fared.

Some hold the significance of the festival to be an omen, as it can have grave implications for the future, while others simply see it as a grand stage to watch a spectacle and place bets. In any event, those who watch the tournament usually feel drawn into its drama, and few can draw away from the event as it is happening, almost as if mesmerized by the entire thing.

It is traditional for the children of Axis to throw blunted spears at people in the street from rooftops during the festival. Occasionally drunk men will throw real spears at each other, as well.

The Festival of Spears

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