The Stone Thief

The Stone Thief is a living dungeon originally encountered by the party after being summoned by Graham for unknown reasons. It is legendary for its gargantuan size and age. The party witnessed Graham getting killed by it after successfully calling for it. The Doorkeeper reported that it is said that the Prince of Shadows stole the eyes of the Stone Thief.

Ulbrecht von Osten went in search of it after seeing its grandeur and abandoned the party to search for it on his own to meet its immense challenge.

It reappeared after the Red Flag Army disbanded following the death of General Ghuul, and swallowed up Scarsdale Fortress.

The Stone Thief again appeared after the party reached Krovan’s Gate to sell their golden men. It engulfed much of the town, the golden men, and the party themselves.

Lan’lei summoned the beast in Axis to secure the destruction of a scroll of binding in Draven Halfhand’s possession, additionally resulting in the engulfing of Second Blood, a fifth of the city, and of the Crusadaer himself. The Emperor was also rumored to have been wounded during the attack.

The Stone Thief

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